What do I do?

I work with: 

  • women already active in the dating world figure out precisely what is happening in their love life and why they keep meeting the same kinds of men.

  • I work with women already in a relationship and feel like they may be losing their groove, or the fire is dying out.

How will I help you?

Working with me will... 

How do you know you are ready to work with me?

  • If you are serious about committing time to complete the program as a priority.

  • If you are serious about investing in your life as a whole.

  • If you are ready for blunt, hardcore, and genuine feedback.

  • If you are ready to be taken out of your comfort zone.

  • If you are ready to be patient about your love life and the process to the development of a meaningful and genuine relationship.

  • If you are ready to face self-reflection in your part in past relationships.