Top 5 Reasons You May NOT Be Able To Keep A Man

May 22, 2018


This is one that every woman ponders after each failed relationship.

The questions: 

"What did I do wrong?"

"Why can't I keep a man?"

To only not come up with an answer. 

First and foremost, you will never find the answer to these questions if you aren't ready to be real with your thoughts about yourself. If you're not ready to be honest and change the way you think. You'll continuously believe that every man you meet has a problem within himself. 

It may have never occurred to you and many other women that the problem could remotely lie within you!


I want you to look at this list and take time to be honest with yourself. 

Reflect on your behavior and thoughts when it comes to your relationships.




#1 You are TOO Independent


Yes, that's right! You are too independent and most men aren't having it. Men like to feel wanted and a little bit of needed. Once a man feels like he's not wanted or needed then he will quickly lose interest. 

Let me explain this a little bit more.

Don't get me wrong. Strong men love a strong, independent woman. One that he know can handle business if something catastrophic happens to him. Or one that he know will be a partner and not a dependent. 

BUT what he doesn't want is a woman constantly telling him that she's independent and doesn't need him. 

So sister, please chill out a little bit. It's ok to allow the man to be the man. 

If you don't fully trust that he will show up a man then gradually give him control. Gradually see if he can handle small task.

Let him work his way up to being the full blown man that God made him to be.


#2 You are TOO Negative


Negativity will run anybody away. Especially a potential love interest. Most men don't like a lot of drama, as is. So all the negative talk will definitely turn him off. He doesn't want to hear how bad everything is going in your life. That will be too much burden on him. 

Try to handle your own issues and problems without putting negative vibes out.


#3 Too Messy


You are Miss Messy Boots! That's right! Always in the latest gossip like you're trying to live out Love and Hip Hop Atlanta greatest moments. 

Men DO NOT like a lot of gossip! Most don't like any at all. 

Now this is different from pillow talk. Most couples share stories and conversations that other's have told them at work, or even their friends. 

But to always be in the middle of the latest news, giving your opinion, telling him what he said, she said, is a nerve wrecker. 

So to keep your man STAY out of gossip!


#4 You Are TOO Needy


Now listen to me closely.

It's draining and exhausting to have to constantly reassure a person that they're okay.

Being too needy will wear a man down mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

This will kill a relationship!


#5 You are easily influenced


No man wants a woman that is easily influenced by her friends and family.

He wants a woman that know what she wants, and how she wants it.

One that will stand her ground.

He need to know that his woman can make her own decisions, and trust herself.


So there you have it! 


5 Reasons Why You May NOT Be Able To Keep A Man!! 


Check yourself to see if any of these apply to you!


Work to change them!


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