Ha! Are side chicks really winning??

December 29, 2017


Being a side chick has become quite popular the last few years. Although, this nonsense has been going on for decades. That I know because I was once a side chick with a side dude! Yeah, if you know anything about me then you know how transparent I am with my past. 


I like to use the terms, "side piece, side piecing and side piecer" when referring to the other woman or man that's the unknown third wheel in someone's committed relationship. But what is a side chick? Back in the day she was called the mistress. She's simply a woman on the side that's a secret. The wife or the girlfriend are not to know about her. Well...that's how it suppose to be. Back then, if she was discovered then she was gone! Nowadays, the side chicks are getting almost the same treatment and even speaking out. She wants to be known as the "one" that your man wants. Or that one that could possibly take your man. Ah, don't let her be the side chick to a man with status, a celebrity or big timer. She's definitely not holding water.

Lately, many celebrities like T.I., Carmelo Anthony and others have been in the news for cheating on their wives with a side piece. As you can see, T.I. and Tiny are working it out. Not too sure about Carmelo and Lala Anthony. But most of the time, the man stays with his woman and the side chick gets kicked to the curb. Unless, she has other motives like getting pregnant and trying to get child support. Now this definitely wasn't in the man's plan when cheating on his wife.


But on some real shit, are the side chicks really winning? My answer is NO! It makes her look bad. No matter what the circumstances are a woman should not have inappropriate behavior with a married man or one in any type of committed relationship. Don't get me wrong. The man is just as wrong, but society really doesn't come down too hard on him like they do the side chick. She's known to be trifling and having no self respect. Trust me...I know what I'm talking about.  Even if the man decides to leave his wife or woman the relationship isn't going to work out. 


See, here are my reasons why it doesn't work out.


#1...The only thing a side chick is is new booty. That's it! It's like having an old car. Though the car is your dream car, it may be old, not necessarily beat up or beat down. May have some dents, bruises, and you keep having problems with it, but it is old faithful. You've been through everything with this car and can't see yourself getting rid of it. While it's in the shop you rent a car until it gets fixed. Same with a side chick. The man may need to get his mind back on track to his old faithful booty!


#2...The side chick may be a sense of fresh air. See, when you've been with a person for years you tend to start arguing and fighting more often. You never look to solve any problems. Only to damage your communication with one another. All the side piece is doing is listening to him. Not being argumentative. Going with the flow because she isn't taking the little time they have together for granted. She knows their time is limited. So why spend it arguing??


#3...The man can get his side chick to do things that his wife won't do, and that's just about anything. Especially when it comes to sex.  See when you've been together a while you may not find it a need to have sex every single night. Then the lack of communication affects the bedroom intimacy. The lack of sex can prompt a man to seek a side piece. So with that being said...a side piece equals no days off from sexing. This is because she knows the ONE requirement for her position is having SEX!  


I know many would probably say that these aren't reasons for a man to get a side piece, but these ARE a few reasons that a man does get a side chick. Let's be real. The side chicks really aren't winning because more people root for couples to stay in their relationship and work things out, rather than to leave. More couples are looking to work out the kinks, get over the cheating and build their relationship back strong again. 

There isn't anything that we can do about these side piecers because they have been around for decades. Hell, some of our Presidents of the United States have had side chicks. Some women live to be side chicks. They're settling for the little bit of time with someone else's man. Trust me, some are even waiting to become the main chick. How their minds could even comprehend being the main chick when a man is already married with a family is an entirely different blog. Geeeesh! But they're out there and I know of a few.


This is something that our women will have to say "no more" and put a man in his place when he solicit her for this position.  You would think that she would want more than to settle for someone else's man, but it all starts with self-love. These days women are running almost on empty with this value.



Have you ever been a side piece or had a side piece?

What are your thoughts about those side piecing?



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