Interested Or Not?

December 28, 2016

Most women have an unspoken rule to never approach a man. Never to start a conversation, ask for his number and even to let him know you are interested. But why? How is a man even to know that you are interested if you don't do something that even remotely gives a vibe towards "You're cute!" or "Come talk to me!" I spoke with two of my trusted guy friends, (yes, probably the same two that I always talk with, lol) and they spoke heavily on this subject.

They shared with me that they want a woman to show some kind of interest. That maybe the man is wanting to approach you with conversation, but you haven't given any kind of warm welcome for attention.  Eye contact, a smile, or even a "hello" would put you in the game.  Fellows are screaming for this from us. No it doesn't make you seem thirsty! It makes you seem interested.  Don't get too caught up in the "thirsty" cliche`.  This word alone has left many guys and gals not wanting to show any interest at all because because they don't want to be labeled as thirsty. 

One more piece of advice the fellas shared with me is that the chase should not be as serious as some women are making it out to be. No you should not just succumb to every guy's approach or willing to be more, but you should not make him chase you that last longer than OJ's run from the police. Lol.

Letting a man chase me was never my thing. If I wasn't interested I would let him know that I wasn't and keep it moving. I was always upfront with my intentions. And ladies, you should be too! No need for all of the shenanigans. Yes, men do like to feel like they had do a little work to get you, but not too much. You will definitely miss out on your ideal guy because the chase was on full throttle. So let's cut this out. Playing hard to get can easily leave you alone. 


TIPS to let him know you're interested.

1. Give eye contact. Giving eye contact let's him now that you are paying attention to him and that you acknowledge him. Who knows? He might respond with a "Hello, how are you doing?" This may prompt a small conversation and lead to more.

2. Smile. Giving a smile after eye contact is inviting to a man. Who doesn't love to see a beautiful smile on a woman's face. Give a wink if you're feeling sexy. 

3. Greet. After eye contact, a smile, then a short greeting is needed. This will set the tone for a small conversation. Even if he greets you first, follow the first two tips.

4. Compliment. Depending on the situation, circumstances, and surroundings, give a brother a nice compliment. Don't go over board or give a compliment that is inappropriate. This can be a turn off or taken the wrong way. For example: Say "I love your tie." or "I love your cologne. What kind is it?"



Tips from this blog: If you are interested then don't be afraid to let him know by giving a warm smile, a simple hello, eye contact or even just sliding a brother your number! Last tip: Stop with the chasing! If you're interested act interested. If you're not then say so and keep it moving! Please don't be afraid of rejection. Don't go into the approach as if it's an interview. You're just letting him know that you're interested.



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