K. Michelle and The Big Sausage

So I attended a K. Michelle concert in July with two of my girlfriends. We had a blast! Well, at least I did after drinking 5 crown and cokes. Whew!! Did I mention that I’m not much of a drinker? Shoot, I was sick as a dog the next day! Anywho, after arriving at The Ritz we realized that it wasn’t the damn “Ritz” that we thought it was going to be. Yeah, we thought it was The Ritz Hotel. Lol! And from the looks of it we were OVERDRESSED! Some were looking like they had been running the streets all day then decided to drop in and enjoy the concert. Smh.

Standing in a long a$$ line on rocks for over 30 minutes, hot sweaty and feet hurting, the night was already starting off wrong. Getting inside having to stand on hard concrete in a pair of stilettos…yeah I had to hit the bottle. LOL. And towards the end of the night I had at least 5 women standing barefooted on paper napkins because the pain from standing in stilettos on hard concrete was just about unbearable!! After about an hour K. decided to make a grand entrance looking lovely as ever. Oh, by the way, I only knew two of her songs and couldn’t even remember the words to them that night. I was just enjoying the moment.

Since I don’t watch Love and Hip Hop or really listen to her music, I had no idea that she was somewhat of a scorn woman. She talked bad about men and on top of that, had all the single felines in their damn feelings about the "so-called" sorry a** men. I was appalled. Like really? I heard her saying that the one thing that matters is that a man MUST have a big sausage! Are you flipping kidding K.?? A big sausage pays no bills! And the sad part of it all is that the ladies were going crazy, chanting and hollering! I think I even seen two gay dudes giving K. her props for giving big ups to a sorry man for having a big sausage. This is wrong is so many ways. Part of the damn problems in the dating world, and I know it’s part of the problem in the “black” dating world, is that women are giving praise to these sorry a** men because the loving is good. Setting no standards for men to step up their game. Then turning around and yapping about there being no good men left! Hell, stop glorifying the low lifes and set standards. I bet that will make them rethink what’s needed at the table.

So does it really matter if a man has a big sausage??

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