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Private Coaching

This 6 WEEK LOVE program is recommended for those that are ready for dating, actively dating or in a relationship. You do not need the extra time figuring out how to let go, but do need to sharpen your style, polish your dating and relationship skills. This program moves quickly.

  • Learn about your dating habits, behaviors, pitfalls, and your "use to's."

  • Observe and oppress your old and unwanted dating habits and behaviors. Create your dating plan.

  • Vivacious and getting your groove back.

  • Execute the change by going on a date.

  • A tailored assignment to track your results.

  • Weekly assignments to be completed.


    Cost: $250  Book NOW!






Re-Live It, Re-Love It 12 week


This 3 MONTH program is recommended for those that are still dealing with unwanted feelings and residue from a previous relationship. If you have lost your identity and purpose this program is for you. 


  • Learn yourself, habits, behaviors, and pitfalls.

  • Observe the old habits and behaviors of past relationships. Create a plan to re-invent you.

  • Vivacious and getting your groove back.

  • Execute the change.

  • Mock dating-this is where a "fake" date is set up. You are given feedback from the man or a tailored assignment. Then we implement the feedback into our plan of action.

  • Learn how to write a dating profile. (Optional)

  • Learn to release negative energy.

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries in dating and relationships.

  • Identify your ideal partner and relationship.

  • Weekly assignments to be completed.

  • Many more options tailored to the client.   

    Cost: $450 Book NOW


6 week Transformational Challenge 

This 6-week Transformation Challenge is for those that need to identify roadblocks that have been hindering them from progressing in life. This program is fast pace and you must be eagerly ready for this challenge.  This Transformation Challenge is VERY intense. Though some of the weeks seem repetitive, it will get you in the swing of a new routine, boost your confidence and change your life!

  • Requires you to be completely honest with yourself.

  • Revisit dark places in your past.

  • Think harder about your past, present, and future

  • The plan is broken down week by week.

  • Daily and weekly journaling.

  • Track your daily activities, thoughts, feelings, and results.

  • Learn how to correctly set goals and learn about affirmations.

  • Learn a new routine.

  • Embrace change.

  • Learn to release negative energy.

  • Weekly assignments completely.


    Cost: $125 Book your CHALLENGE!


  • How to write a star-studded dating profile.

  • Date me! (Mock Speed Dating)

  • How to set boundaries.

  • How to correctly set goals and an effective plan of action.

  • How to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships.

  • Importance of saying NO.

  • Clearing out the Clutter Mentally.

  • Setting up for Success.

  • Brighten up your Life.

  • Many More...


There is a one day workshop each month, via the internet or face-to-face.

If there is a special workshop or event you would like to request, please click the email for Group Coaching. 


***Cost varies depending on the workshop

****Group Coaching and Speaking Engagements contact via email.