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Many know me as Love Coach Myles because I've been coaching women about love and relationships for the past five-plus years. 

Over the years, I've evolved in my business, expanding into not just coaching women about love and relationships, but about how to start and sustain a business and writing a book.

I'm a serial Entrepreneur and Independent Author. I own a publishing company called Early Morning Publishing House, where I wrote and published my first book, What Are Men Saying About Men. 

I am also the owner and wine negociant of a wine company called Clifford's Choice Wine. The wine company came about when I fell in love with the elegance of the wine. The company is named after my father, Clifford, who passed away in 2016.

Lastly, I own a staffing agency called MilStat Staffing Solutions, LLC. I staff temp and direct-to-hire personnel.

I'm putting my knowledge and experience to help with my mission of mentoring women on 

All Things Love and Business.

Hey sis,

I'm Ursula!

More About My Love Life

I'm on a hardcore mission to help individuals understand the equation of love, and that it all begins with the inner self. I'm very passionate about coaching and mentoring others about love, dating, and relationships.


Experiencing dead-end relationships one after another, married for over 8 years only to divorce leaving me a single mom of two girls. Even settling for being the other woman, a side chick with a side dude because I was married, briefly has swept my past. I know all too well about the heartache and pain of relationships caused by my own immature, immoral acts, and acts of my significant other. I'm quite familiar with compromising who you are, what you stand for, and even compromising your future for a relationship.

I decided that at the age of 33, some things needed to change. 

I needed to grow up, put on my big girl panties, and get real about my love life if I wanted a healthier relationship. I knew that part of the problem was my mindset and perspective on every relationship that I had been a part of.


After I was involved in a relationship for almost two years, and though it was not easy, I learned tremendous and valuable information to feed to individuals. The relationship helped shape my mindset to house a better, healthier, and long-lasting relationship. Not only just learning about what it takes to make a relationship work, but how to prepare one for one that is nurturing, loving, and prosperous. I had to do some deep and honest self-reflection about past dealings with men. I faced the reality of where the “real” problem was rooted.

I have taken advantage of every opportunity before me to mentor women, men, and couples to become better individuals to promote healthier relationships.

I empower my clients and audience to focus on their mindset and thinking. To gain more knowledge and a better understanding of themselves. I believe that with the three most important components within yourself, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, any relationship can work. But of all, the relationship with yourself is the most essential.

I'm straightforward and dedicated to helping individuals sort out the real problem in the equation of love and relationships by working to evolve the unchanged variable(self).


I had to learn that...

True love lies within!

More About My Business

I've started many businesses and pointed others in the right direction to start their own business, as well. From having a clothing boutique, a T-shirt brand, selling tea, and now a successful wine company. My expertise on how to get started, how to push your business forward with new ideas, and how to be successful has prompted me to become more serious about expanding my business to offer this service.

I take joy in helping others become legit business owners by assisting them with their startups like filing the necessary forms and documents, trademarking, designing their logo, and marketing material. I provide a DIY or Done-For-You package deal for establishing your business. I partner with other business owners to offer many of my services to help you be victorious in your journey. I look forward to being a part of your journey to financial freedom and business success.

My personal business motto is: "Be in business for the people and you'll be successful!"




Let's Get it together, sis!

Coming Soon 2022!
Coming Soon 2022!
Coming Soon 2022!
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