Love is...Weekend Retreat (5).png

Important Information



There will be round-trip transportation to the retreat.


A designated location will be available to leave your vehicle.

(Location provided at a later date)


Though we are NOT responsible for any damages or theft to your vehicle, we will do our very best to provide safety to your vehicle.


Please DO NOT leave any valuables in your vehicle.


The itinerary is below.


The bus will leave at 12:00 pm Friday afternoon, March 8, 2019


We will arrive at the Retreat around 4:00 pm.


The agenda for the activities will be presented to you upon arrival.


We will leave at 11:00 am Sunday morning, March 10, 2019.


The check-in and check-out times may slightly change. PLEASE PREPARE.


The bus will NOT wait longer than 30 minutes for any passenger.


This is because there is a time restriction.


PLEASE pack accordingly. March can be cold in the mountains.


There will NOT be much room for storage. PLEASE only pack what is necessary.


Thank you and SEE YOU AT THE Love is...Mountain Weekend Retreat!