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About the book
"What Are Men Saying About Women"

This is a self-help book for relationships. Though the title is,

"What Are Men Saying About Women," the book is focused on women becoming better partners.


This book is filled with questions and advice to help an individual work through the issues that may be hindering them from having a successful relationship. 

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What Are Women Saying About This Book?

"All I can say is, ladies, grab your highlighters and be ready for the truth! After you read it, carry it with you for reference, lol. Every woman can use parts of this book, Ursula!"

-T. Walker, North Carolina

"It was definitely an easy read! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was awesome! I started to get in my feelings but I had to reflect back to the title. It's what men are saying."

-S. Dash, North Carolina

"This book is personable. I felt I was having a direct conversation with you! It made me think about my own actions and question myself. This is a great book with valuable information!"

-Anonymous, North Carolina