Author at Early Morning Publishing House
Founder and Wine Negociant at Clifford's Choice Wine Company

Ursula Miles (Myles), a serial Entrepreneur and Independent Author. She is the owner of the Early Morning Publishing House, where she helps others who are motivated to write and publish their book. She helps the inspiring author brainstorm, gather and organize their ideas, title, book cover, and then published. She published her own book, What Are Men Saying About Women, a self-help relationship book for women.

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Ursula is also the owner and wine negociant of Clifford's Choice Wine Company. The wine company came about when she started to fall in love with the elegance of the wine.  Her father had passed in 2016 and wanting to leave a legacy with his name, she collaborated the two.

When asked why wine? Or was her father a wine lover?

She answers, 

"No, my father wasn't a wine lover. After my father's passing, we realized how much of an impact he left on everyone he came in contact with. People shared stories, wisdom, and memories of him. They told how much he meant to them and how much they were going to miss him. I loved wine. Wine isn't like spirits or beer. Whenever you consume wine it puts you in a different mood. It's something elegant about it. And besides the older it is, the better it is. Just like my father. A conversation with him would put you in a different mood. One, he wasn't a man of many words. When he spoke, people listened. They wanted to hear more. He left an impact on people. Just like I intend for Clifford's Choice Wine to do. I want people to smell the aromatics and want to taste it. After they taste it, they want more. Then they're left with the impact."

Who is Ursula Miles

Entreprenuer  l  Author  

Ursula takes joy in helping others become legit business owners by assisting them with their startups like filing the necessary forms and documents, designing their logo, and marketing material. Funding, credit repair, ad business credit will be available in the summer of 2021. She provides a DIY or Done-For-You package deal for establishing your business.

She is looking forward to being a part of someone's journey to financial freedom and business success.

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